Sierra Negra Volcano

Being the oldest active volcano in Isabela, Sierra Negra imposes itself as the true king of the island, forever kept company by the Volcan Chico, it’s youngest and smallest royal subject. Sierra Negra’s crater crown is the second largest in the world, with a diameter over 10 kilometers wide, and it’s regal stature, from base to summit, creates a wide variety of climates that concentrate communities of endemic and immigrant wildlife.

It’s located at a 45 minute driving distance from La Casa de Marita and Puerto Villamil; and is truly an activity we recommend to all of our visitors that simply cannot be missed. The experience can take up to 8 hours, and offers some of the most spectacular views of the whole archipelago. You may choose a route by horse or foot from the mandatory “El Cura” (The Priest) stop, and, in either case, we recommend sunblock, a good camera, and; depending on the season, a small umbrella for the occasional shower.


- Trip by bus
- 07:00am
- Everyday
- Meal included
- Bring sunscreen and swimwear

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