Las Tintoreras

Las Tintoreras are a set of tiny islands formed from volcanic rock and red, white, and button mangroves. Located near Puerto Villamil, they are named after the white-tipped sharks that swim in their shallow turquoise reefs; and are a true marvel for snorkeling, taking pictures, watching the endemic species that inhabit them, or simply to enjoy as a ride.

From port, the 10 minute boat trip showcases colonies of sea lions, Galapagos turtles and iguanas; skates, sharks, penguins, sea cucumbers, urchins and a myriad members of the native flora and fauna whose peaceful interactions make you question exactly who’s really watching who.

In order to fully take advantage of the experience, we recommend taking sunblock, a bathing suit, and a good waterproof camera for underwater pictures while snorkeling. Don’t miss it.


- Trip by boat
- Two schedules: mornings and afternoons
- Everyday
- Includes snorkel, fins, snack, guide and transportation
- Bring sunscreen and swimwear

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