Explore Isabela

From simply relaxing on the hotel’s hammocks that overlook the ocean, to diving with blue sharks in Las Tintoreras, going bird-watching, hiking the Sierra Negra volcano or getting to meet the iconic iguanas and tortoises of the archipelago; there’s always a new adventure in Isabela that can be programmed from the Tour Desk at La Casa de Marita.

What does Isabela Island offer?

Isabela Island is the largest in the archipelago and offers an impressive variety of landscapes and ecosystems, making it a highly attractive destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Las Tintoreras

Las Tintoreras are a set of tiny islands formed from volcanic rock and red, white, and button mangroves. Located near Puerto Villamil, they are named after the white-tipped sharks that swim in their shallow turquoise reefs.

Los Túneles

The brilliant scenery panted in Los Túneles is, like the rest of Isabela, unique: a picture of highly contrasted color, lulled by rhythmic ocean breeze, in which natural labyrinths of lava and volcanic rock emerge.

Sierra Negra Volcano

Being the oldest active volcano in Isabela, Sierra Negra imposes itself as the true king of the island, forever kept company by the Volcan Chico, it’s youngest and smallest royal subject.

Marita's Garden

Is open for visits, and is part of our ongoing effort to ensure our sustainable operation in Isabela.
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